Cover Letter

Address Line – Three Major Mistakes In That Part

Three Major Mistakes In The Cover Letter Address Line Many professionals spend hours writing and re-writing their cover letter. With each resume submission, we tend to revise our cover letter to make sure that it is personalized for the position we are applying for. While we spend so much time on the content of the cover letter, we seem to disregard a very important and prominent area of the letter – the address line. Address Line … [Read More...]


Jobs And Over Aged Applicants

Though some employers would prefer a younger workforce, the older applicants still have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Employers are starting to see the potential of older and much-experienced applicants as can be seen by the statistics below: In Australia, Bureau of Statistics showed that between the period of August of 1989 to that of August of 2003, the workforce aged 15-24 lost more than 380,000 jobs to older workers. Aside … [Read More...]


Patient Rights Nursing Assistants Need To Be Aware Of

Nursing assistants take great care in providing patients with the best possible care. They assist with meeting their basic needs on whatever level that particular patient needs. Nursing assistant often have to make informed decisions for the patients they care for. However, it is very important for all Nursing Assistant to be aware of rights of all patients. Nursing assistants need to familiarize themselves with these rights and respect … [Read More...]


Electronic Resumes – Dos And Don’ts In Making It

Making Electronic Resumes What are electronic resumes? How will you make it? There are two most commonly used methods for resumes submission: uploading your resumes to the employer’s web site or to the resume bank, and e-mailing your resume to the employer. Faxing or mailing your resume is virtually an obsolete practice, because employers are heavily relying on software programs that scan resumes for key words related to the available positions … [Read More...]