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Resume Writing Course – Our Services – Blue Sky Resumes

Resume Writing Course - Our Services - Blue Sky ResumesBUY NOW!!! -

Would you like to write a resume that’s guaranteed to get results? Download our e-course and learn exactly how it’s done.

Writing a great resume is easy when you know the steps. Now we’ve put together a step-by-step course that teaches you the exact system we use with our clients. You’ll learn why your current resume isn’t getting the response you want – and we’ll tell you exactly what you can do to transform it into a interview-generating machine.
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Profile Words

Profile WordsBUY NOW!!! -

My mother used to tell me “Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you.” Gotta love my mom but whatever she was talking about did not include resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

Your LinkedIn profile is every bit as and maybe even more important than your resume. The wrong words on your resume and LinkedIn profile can keep you from getting a job interview. And believe you me this kind of rejection hurts.
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Job Listings

Urban Planning

Urban PlanningBUY NOW!!! -

Urban Planning Now! is the premier site for finding your next urban planning job or filling your next open position. We offer three services: a free set of job searching tools, a private list of job openings found throughout the Internet, and a high traffic location for employers to post their jobs. The free tools include the links below which search many different sites for the urban planning keyword combinations listed below. We also provide links to cities and counties allowing you to search one employer site after another for planning jobs. Our paid service provides results not usually found by simply searching. Other job sites charge high prices for employers to place ads for their jobs, causing cities and counties to shy away from posting their jobs on their sites. We provide listings from local government sites, APA chapter sites, and more!

The web site of the APA is a very good site for finding jobs for planners, however they are only scratching the surface of the jobs that are out there for Urban Planners. Our service is intended to compliment the jobs found on the APA site.
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Job Search Guides

Job-getting Formula eBook

Job-getting Formula eBookBUY NOW!!! -

In fact, that list of questions was created from years of hard-earned personal experience, and from learning about this area of my life for myself.

It not only feels good to YOU, it also feels good to everybody around you… and it’s WORTH LEARNING.
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Job Skills & Training

How to Become a Notary – Notary Public Training

How to Become a Notary - Notary Public TrainingBUY NOW!!! -

Looking for a successful home based business? Need extra income? Want to be part of an industry with ever-increasing demand? Mobile Signing Agent Secrets Revealed! This full detailed, nothing left out, in demand eBook is finally available! Nowhere else will you find these INSIDER SECRETS to becoming a successful Mobile Signing Agent and snagging business from your competitors! Nicole Mickle, President of APAT Real Estate Settlement Services, have created this all-in-one, massively informative eBook as an excellent resource to use for anyone wishing to become a successful Signing Agent or just wanting to brush up on the latest trends and procedures– and to learn how to dominate the competition!

There is also a BONUS Section in the eBook, along with an offer for Specialized Training that includes having your own Coach!  To your success!
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