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Blue Sky Resumes

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It’s not the manager’s fault or the economy or the amount of competition. Honestly… it’s your resume. Most likely, it simply doesn’t show the difference you would make. And that means it doesn’t stand out or inspire hiring managers to meet you.

Can a resume really do all that? Absolutely. In fact, simple language and formatting refinements can improve your response rate by as much as 50%. Based on over 20 years of real world hiring experience, this guide will show you — step-by-step, example by example — exactly how to do that.
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Job Listings

Urban Planning

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Urban Planning Now! is the premier site for finding your next urban planning job or filling your next open position. We offer three services: a free set of job searching tools, a private list of job openings found throughout the Internet, and a high traffic location for employers to post their jobs. The free tools include the links below which search many different sites for the urban planning keyword combinations listed below. We also provide links to cities and counties allowing you to search one employer site after another for planning jobs. Our paid service provides results not usually found by simply searching. Other job sites charge high prices for employers to place ads for their jobs, causing cities and counties to shy away from posting their jobs on their sites. We provide listings from local government sites, APA chapter sites, and more!

The web site of the APA is a very good site for finding jobs for planners, however they are only scratching the surface of the jobs that are out there for Urban Planners. Our service is intended to compliment the jobs found on the APA site.
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Job Search Guides

From Fired to Hired

From Fired to HiredBUY NOW!!! -

All the hard work is done for you. Simply replace the text in the application with your own information. It couldn’t be easier!

1. Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and fearful of the future? 2. Do you have a professional, up-to-date résumé? 3. Do you know how to write a persuasive cover letter? 4. Do you know where to look for a job? 5. Do you know what sort of job you want? 6. Do you need to update your skills to get that job? 7. Do you know where to look for training courses? 8. Do you know what to say and do in an interview? 9. Do you know what to wear to an interview? 10. Do you have a plan to protect yourself from future unemployment?
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Job Skills & Training

Medical Sales interview

Medical Sales interviewBUY NOW!!! -

The difference between those sales reps that make $40k and $250k is how they manage their career. Our e-book will teach you how to win to advance up the sales ladder! Now you can maximize your interview success with our proprietary Medical Sales Interview Success system. This system will help you excel in your interviewer and blow away your competition to earn the high paying medical sales job you deserve.

Get Our System Now and as a special bonus we will send you a VERY CURRENT and EXTREMELY THOROUGH list of all the available medical sales jobs in your local market through MedMarketTracker.
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