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Cover LettersBUY NOW!!! -

STOP writing cover letters the hard way! STOP scratching your head trying to figure out what to say and then wondering why they don’t call you…

“Now You Can Instantly Create Brilliantly Crafted and Customized Cover Letters With A Single Mouse Click So Powerful They Can Make Your Resume Stand Out And Your Phone Ring Off the Hook For Interviews… No Head Scratching Writing Required!
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Buy Direct | guide for opening

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The Resource Guide for Opening, Remodeling & Running a Successful Beauty Salon by Jeff Grissler & Eric Ryant

Ready, Set, Go! Is the ultimate resource guide for opening, remodeling & running a successful beauty salon.  Author’s Jeff Grissler & Eric Ryant have successfully built and sold salons and know more than most about how to do it successfully!
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200+ Toughest Interview Questions Answered

200+ Toughest Interview Questions AnsweredBUY NOW!!! -

Cool easy read – everyone is nervous before an interview and so was I… But I read your book a couple of times before my big day and could feel the positiveness flow thru. The book is easy to read and helped me calm my nerves – definitely recommend.

I didn’t have time as the interviewer was going on vacation. I was panicking and bought your book without much research – thankfully a good decision as your tips helped me prepare for before / after / and on Interview Day. My resume looks professional coz of your tip #06 :-)
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Become A House Sitting Expert and Save Money

Become A House Sitting Expert and Save MoneyBUY NOW!!! -

A House Sitting Expert does not pay Gas, Rent, Rates, Water, Heating, Internet, Electricity, Telephone, Television, Council Tax Charges, a Mortgage or Bond!

Can’t afford to pay your rent? Trouble paying your bond/mortgage? Been wiped out financially? Been through a painful divorce? Finding it hard getting a job? Retired? Need more interest in your life? Like looking after pets and animals? Saving for your first house? Saving for your kids school fees? Write that book you never started! Read all the books you’ve ever wanted to! Work on your thesis! Complete home study courses and get qualifications! Paint to your heart’s content! Relax in peace and quiet! Travel to new places and countries! Meet new people! Gain your independence!
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