Cover Letter

Addressing The Cover Letter Three Major Mistakes

Many professionals spend hours writing and re-writing their cover letter. With each resume submission, we tend to revise our cover letter to make sure that it is personalized for the position we are applying for. While we spend so much time on the content of the cover letter, we seem to disregard a very important and prominent area of the letter – the address line. Address Line Mistakes Most mistakes in the cover letter are made in the … [Read More...]


Dressing Up For The Success Interview

Prepare and practice for an interview. After the date and venue has been set, allow time for enough preparation for the big day. Remember that first impressions do last, so the way an applicant look really does matter. Employers could easily give the verdict based on the manner of dressing during the initial interviews. The Right Dress Better questions and service can be received if the appearance itself commands respect. It is important to … [Read More...]


Nurse Assistant Training

Every Nurse Assistant plays a vital role in our healthcare facilities. They provide patients with assistance in regard to their basic needs including bathing, feeding, and dressing them. The level of assistance depends on the individual needs of each patient. They also are an invaluable resource for the Nursing staff. Nurse Assistants requires completion of a certificate program. Such programs are available at several medical facilities and … [Read More...]


What To Do When You Have No Experience For The Job You Want

Creating A Resume With No Experience People think of their resume as a collective of their education, skills and professional experience. Many employers rely on resumes as form of job applications for the open positions within their organizations. Thus it is very important that you have a well-written resume prepared when searching for jobs. On Changing Your Career Creating a resume is not an easy task, even if you are a professional with … [Read More...]